Isnin, 26 September 2011


Got it NON MUSLIM..?.There's nothing NON MUSLIM to worry about..
Muhammad Yousry

The Non-Muslims shall and MUST NOT be afraid of the Hudud Law. The fear that overwhelms you all were DESIGNATED through UMNO's PERCEPTIONS and have utterly to deliver the MISCONCEPTION of the law itself and making the Hudud Law a bad... name.

What is there to be fear off when the Law is only APPLIED to the Muslims community?

Haven't we LEARNED anything by now? The government have used the media as a tool to spread FEAR in our minds and to PROGRAM our way of thinking through in which they want us to think.

Would you let yourself be a PUPPET with strings attached to your 6 senses?

Misinformed from the (anti-Islam websites and people) and low knowledge of the Hudud Law was FOR SURE one of the MAIN REASON why the law was considered as bad and wrong.

The Islam that has to be lived and implemented is a religion of three basic elements – Aqeedah or the Islamic Creed, Ibadah or Rituals & Practises and Jurisprudence or more known as the Fiqh and thirdly, Akhlaq or Noble Character and Etiquettes.

Each of those three elements have their own elaborations and importance and priorities and cannot be neglected.

Accordingly, when we talk about implementing Shariah in its general and wide term i.e. implementing Islam as a way of life, it means to secure the true aqidah or Islamic creed, the JUST and correct jurisprudence and noble characters.

However, when we talk about implementing the Shariah in its specific interpretation that is Shariah meaning Fiqh or Jurisprudence such as hudud laws, we cannot ignore the other two elements i.e. to secure the Islamic creed and inculcate the akhlaq or noble characters.

Infact, the Islamic creed has to be the basis for implementing the laws, and the implementing of laws should be congruent with observing high standards of moral.

It does not suffice for a Muslim to have faith and proclaim his Islam, but not to observe the laws and the moral standards, and otherwise too.

Nevetheless, to Christian believers in here (if any), Christianity and Islam shares some similarities too. In case if you have missed the part of it in your Bible, then go to this link :

With these similarities, we can gain PEACE. It is now a matter of obeying the teachings that we have been taught and Islam have taught us to FULLY OBEY and SUBMIT ourselves to God, Allah (subhanallhu taala).

There's an old saying, "when there is knowledge, make sure it is from a VALID SOURCE. And when there is knowledge, there will be PEACE among you".

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