Sabtu, 27 Ogos 2011



Racism is the belief that people of some races are inferior to others, and the behaviour which is the result of this belief.”            

There is a drastic need in Malaysia today to sayNO’ to racism.  This applies to every ethnic group in this wonderful country.  Racism is something not born in us but developed by within our homes and society!  If every adult today adopt this slogan: “SAY NO TO RACISM IN MALAYSIA” children in this generation will soon not utter racist remarks or practise racism!

We need to consciously remind ourselves of this because our present generation and the one before us have been infused with racists ideas until today, many use it without even realizing what they are saying. 

Many adults today think it is alright to use racist remarks.  They think they are more patriotic and a true blood so-and-so in their ethnic group that they say such things!  They do not realize that by being idiotic ‘heroes’ to their ethnic group they become traitors to the nation as a whole!

Racism is like a cancer that will destroy all the living cells in our system and eventually what we love, what we treasure in this land will be corroded and destroyed but it!  It is time every Malaysian, starting now, learn to say NO to racism.

In all my life experiences, I have not found someone who has not worked hard who can succeed just because he is born into a particular race!   

Even with special rights, etc. a person who does not use his brains and diligence will not succeed.  Your birth right do no ensure success!   

Every person given the right opportunity and encouragement will succeed.  Everyone, given a poor environment can turn into a common criminal!  It does not take ethnicity to cause that!

So to all Malaysian, you don’t have to use external images to show your patriotism, just remember to “SAY NO TO RACISM IN MALAYSIA” in your heart!

Without knowing one another, we do care,
Without seeing one another, we do remember,
Without spending anything, we collect the memories,
Without witnessing our goals, are we set apart?

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