Isnin, 16 Mei 2011


Hisapmuddin with a bad stomach goes to his local doctor and asks him what he can do.

The doctor replies that the illness is quite serious but can be cured with a small course of two
suppositories inserted deep up the back passage.

Hisapmuddin agrees, and so the doctor warns him of the pain, tells him to bend over, and shoves the thing way up his behind.

The doctor then hands him the second dose and tells him to do the same thing in six hours time using rubber gloves and KY-Jelly or something.

So, Hisapmuddin goes home and later that evening, he calls his wife over and tells her what to do. The wife nods, puts one hand on his shoulder to steady him and with the other shoves the medicine home.

Suddenly Hisapmuddin screams.

"What's the matter?" asked his wife. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," replies Hisapmuddin, "but I just realised that when the doctor did that, he had BOTH hands on my shoulders."

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