Jumaat, 15 Julai 2011

Postal PACA Training : Member RTPJ dijemput...

 Yellow everybody,

For those coming for the Postal PACA Training this Sun 17th Jul 7pm - 10:30pm, please download the 24 files here, print it out, study it and bring along for the training. It looks complicated but don't worry. Steven is a very good trainer and he will be able to explain everything very well. The other comforting thought is that Bolehland has the same problem also.

Reminder: The hall is a bungalow sited at the car park besides the PERKIM Mosque at USJ 2/4S. And if you are late, don't hang outside. Open the door and come in. There's no penalty for being late. :)

p/s PR tak buleh menang tampa bantuan sukarelawan semua. Mohon hadir ya...

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