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Ronnie Charles Klassen : Mangsa terbaru PKR...

Hanya kerana memanggil Presiden : Penipu...


Dear Admin,Editors,members of the media and bloggers,

Pursuant to my unconstitutional suspension from PKR,I'm obliged to
issue a press statement to protect the interest of party
members,supporters,fence sitters and importantly mu family..In the
name of public interest,I humbly appreciate your assistance in
publishing my statement in your esteemed media.

Thank you.


Ronnie Klassen.


Kota Kinabalu Fri.............Justice prevails only when it's been
seen to be practice,and not claiming to fight for justice when one
doesn't comprehend the definition of justice....cautioned de-facto
Communications Director of Sabah PKR Ronnie Klassen. Klassen who was
controversially "disowned" when PKR President Dr.Wan Azizah stated in
a press conference,that there was never a post of Communication
Director in Sabah,never existed and Ronnie Klassen was never the
Communications Director of PKR Sabah,was issued with a show cause
letter dated 2nd.March 2011 (SUA 2011/SKD/JKD/0355 ),for his outburst
in calling the President a "Blatant Liar".

The said letter to Klassen gave him 10 days from the date of the
letter to respond,which would expire on the 12th.March.2011.According
to Klassen, the letter was send to me via email and it also stated
that the hard copy had been send by AR registered,however as at press
time,no official hard copy arrived.Klassen further stated that he had
responded the show cause letter via email on the same
day(2nd.March),suggesting the Disciplinary Committee not to ignore the
very actual reasons behind my outburst. Why did Wan Azizah attack me
in the first place,when she could have verified the matter with her
husband or the Party's current Deputy President,Azmin Ali? Are the
entire State Leaders also denying my position as well now?

Pursuant to the show cause letter,I had also received another letter
dated on the 10th.March.2011 (SUA 2011/SKR/JKD/0376 ) via email from
the party headquarters,stating that I have now been suspended
indefinitely from the party....said Klassen. As far as I'm
concerned,this is the party's cowardly act of telling me "You're
Sack"....Why wasn't I haul up before the Disciplinary Committee to
defend myself? How can this be constitutional?

In the letter informing me of my suspension with immediate effect,the
Supreme Council had fully mandated the responsibility to the Political
Bureau to suspend me indefinitely.I recall a situation not to long
ago,when Dato'Seri Anwar Ibrahim was not given the opportunity to
defend himself in the APCO issue,and subsequently suspended from
Parliament for 6 months.All hell broke loose,when PKR MP's went on a
rampage in defending the Opposition Leader,saying that the Speaker was
not exercising fairness and where is the Justice?

I would like to pose a similar question to the Political Bureau,why
was I not given a fair hearing to defend myself? Why the
reluctance,where is the justice?
...argued Klassen. It's mind boggling
that the very party that claims to uphold justice isn't practicing
justice itself,but only practices justice when it suits them.

I shall be weighing my options and will explain to the
members,supporters and fence sitters who have supported me over the
last 2 years on our next course of direction.I won't over rule the
possibility of legal action against the President for defamation and
libel.Our members,supporters,fence sitters and importantly my family
and relatives have been put to distress,embarrassment and public
ridicule,by the actions of the President in her press statement. The
party cast the first stone,I merely spoke the truth,clearly the party
is unable to handle the truth.

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meet the engineer berkata...

Hahahaha.......Ronnie Klassen, you never end up any matters with good record and brilliant achievement ya? stop bullshit Ronnie Klassen, we all knew who you are! > Dale Radigan

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Penipu kata pembohong.. kiamat ler..apa nak jadi ngan manusia yang tak reti nak hormat presiden? itu tandanya perjuangan nko tak leh pakai mat..

meet the engineer berkata...

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